Free Company Recruitment Form and Policy

Apply to the Free Company. Please review the rules and policies of the Free Company before applying.

Free Company Recruitment Form and Policy

Postby The Blackrose » Mon Aug 12, 2013 11:36 am

The following are the policies in place at this time. These policies are subject to change as more time in FFXIV passes.

1. While Flipside's objective is to be working with endgame content, we are not a cutting-edge progression Free Company. Many of us have grown up through FFXI's progression/endgame over the years and either can no longer live that kind of life or do not want to live that kind of life. If you are looking for a Free Company that is on the bleeding edge of progression, you may want to look elsewhere.

2. If there's one thing we've come to hate, it's drama. We have our own problems. We've dealt with them over the years. We don't need additional baggage. If you happen to have some in tow, take it elsewhere.

3. Flipside enjoys diplomatic relations with other Free Companies, be they social, event or endgame. In the event of competition at an event, avoid shit talking on all public channels. You will not harass members of another Free Company. If a member of an opposing Free Company decides to start talking shit, you will leave the issue to the leadership to handle. Unless PvP is involved. If so, stab the guy, THEN tell us.

4. Flipside leadership is open to suggestions, but final judgement lies with the core officers and leader of the Company. If an officer tells you to cut the crap, then cut the crap.

5. Please note that upon acceptance to the Free Company, you will be placed on a trial phase. The length of your trial phase will be based on your actions and yours alone. If you want a short trial, show that you can mesh with the people of the Company. Don't be a douche. Try to contribute in some way. If you're participating in an event, try to show up prepared and on time. Try not to be a fuck up. It's not asking for much, but those who can't abide may see longer trial periods or expulsion.

6. Acceptance as a full member does not grant tenure. You can still be kicked for being a fuck up.

7. In the event of an officer being completely shitfaced, be prepared to be kicked. Repeatedly, maybe. No harm intended.
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