We're so awesome~♪

Sun 15Sep2013 02:38:59 MST
That we glitch Hydra. From a few nights ago. Killed Hydra as an add spawned and caused the Duty Complete notice to get glitched. Upon killing the add, the duty didn't end. We couldn't warp out. We couldn't "Duty Find" leave OR start a new one. We had to wait 20mins+ for the game to boot us. And upon boot, we got the Duty Failed message.

Ya... F U Hydra. I didn't like you in FF11, and I still don't like you.

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FFXIV Sales Resume, Diabolos Open

Thu 12Sep2013 11:47:06 MST
SE has decided that the servers have stabilized enough to resume selling copies of FFXIV. This was due to last night's maintenance, which saw the introduction of more servers for existing worlds. Meanwhile, additional servers were brought online for some new worlds.

On another note, Diabolos is now open to character creation.

For more details on this, Character Transfer Service, and the explanation behind 1017 and queues, check the following link:

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Fri 30Aug2013 22:16:33 MST
So, this was a thing. It's an Odin fate. Everyone lost. Barely 50% damage in 15 mins. A lot of people got curb stomped.

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FFX|V : ARR Update!

Tue 23Jul2013 19:40:27 MST
HEY, EVERYONE! (that visits here...)

If you haven't already heard from one of us, this is just a short update on our server choice.

Starting Phase 4 and continuing onwards, Flipside will be a Diabolos Server Free Company.

That's right. We're moving from Leviathan (T-T I like Leviathan) to Diabolos. So come join us there~♪
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Thu 20Jun2013 11:24:57 MST
So, a lot ex-Junglist and ex-Flipside members were discussing the upcoming release of FFX|V : ARR. I don't know about everyone, but I myself will be playing. I plan on joining a small group of friends I met on the White Knight Chronicles II servers, one of which will be my linkshell/company leader.

People are free to join us on the server we will be playing on. I don't plan on releasing the name here, but if you're interested, shoot me a PM on Flipside's forums.

And yes, I still pay for this website.

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